Drinkme® Collective

The Drinkme® advisory team is composed of people who are passionate and committed to whole food health. We’re committed to keeping the priorities and lived experiences of everyday people like you top of mind as we develop the Drinkme® story and products.


Carmen is a busy mom and working professional. As a mom, she loves the convenience of a ready-to-drink beverage full of wholesome ingredients. The DrinkMe beverages are so tasty and satisfying, it’s easy to sneak in full servings of fruits and vegetables into your family’s meal plan.

In her professional life, Carmen is CPA grad and comes to the DrinkMe advisory team with over 7 years of experience in the health foods and manufacturing space. During that time, Carmen has watched the company grow from privately owned to being publicly held.

“Since joining the DrinkMe advisory team, I’ve learned a great deal working with like-minded professionals; each contribution is valued and our discussions are natural and authentic. Christina’s entrepreneurial spirit guides our team. Sandy’s directive keeps us focused and Jen’s positive energy leads us through sometimes challenging discussions. I’d like to think my level headedness keeps us grounded in our current targets and future aspirations.”


Sandy is a proven leader with a passion for the natural products industry. After learning of Christina’s story and her path to wellness, joining the company’s advisory team was an obvious choice.

“I love connecting with first time consumers and watching them transition to lifelong fans! My favourite product is Green3.”


Jen is a Senior IT Business Analyst in a medium-sized health and food manufacturing company. In her down time, Jen lives an active lifestyle and enjoys playing volleyball, running, and biking — anything to keep her moving. On busy days, Jen’s go-to snack is DrinkMe Green for its sweet taste and health benefits.

“In working with DrinkMe, I have learned that it’s not easy to start and build a successful business. In addition to the founder, it needs the support of a team to dedicate their time, talents, and resources to make the business scalable.”

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Your stories are important to us! We would love to hear about your detox experience and how drinkme has helped you maintain a healthier life style.

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