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Whole Food Consciousness

Good for People & for the Planet

Now, more than ever, people want change in the world. For us, it’s simple, we believe whole food goodness should not only be good for people, it should also be good for our planet. If you, like us, want to align yourself with products that have a direct impact on personal and planetary health, please join us.

We believe that great whole-food, plant-based nutrition should be available to everyone, everyday. Our mission is to transform lives by providing simple and convenient whole-food goodness.

DrinkMe beverages can transform individual’s diets and lifestyles in a positive way, supporting a more balanced state of being. We believe in nature, ancient wisdom, and modern science as sources of healing.

We are part of a conscious collective movement that believes in giving back to the earth what we take from it. In every step of our process we are considerate of our impact on the environment and the planet

We’re committed to:

  • Using whole food fibers reducing waste
  • Limiting water waste with lean manufacturing practices
  • Engaging with suppliers from farm-to-bottle
  • Sourcing food ingredients within 100 miles
  • A supply chain where we supply ingredients
  • Lower carbon footprint offering a 18-month frozen shelf line
  • Supporting conservationists
  • Displaying our commitment and partnerships
  • Breaking barriers in the natural and organic industry

We do not conform to a trend, but believe in setting the trend, with sustainability and authenticity at the heart of who we are.

Giving Back

DrinkMe supports initiatives that demonstrate a connection to nature, working to renew and rehabilitate with a whole person perspective. We regularly donate DrinkMe products to local food shelters, and believe in people before profit.

Learn more about how we’re supporting people and the planet…

Ocean Fever

Ocean Fever is a nonprofit organization dedicated to introducing kids to open-water swimming, ocean safety, ocean safety education and enviornmenttal awareness, fostering a lifelong relationship with the ocean.

Wolf Connection Center

A unique educational sanctuary and wilderness retreat center, the Wolf Connection Center brings people together through direct relationships with rescued wolves for the purpose of empowerment and healing.

Sharkwater: Extinction

Best Known as as inspiring documentary journey, Sharkwater follows Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart as he exposes the massive illegal shark fin industry and the political corruption behind it. Today, the folm has inspired a movement to help save sharks.

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