Our Story


So, kale? Love it, or hate it, you know it’s good for you-it truly is a superfood!

Do you wish eating healthy foods was easy-especially when it comes to foods like kale?

You know kale fuels all kinds of great benefits for your immunity, cholesterol, eye and bone health, all vital ingredients that help make your body and soul resilient to whatever challenges are thrown your way-but do you need to eat enough of it, regularly, to make a difference?

And, are you eating the whole kale plant? As a superfood, you can only get the full goodness of kale when you eat the whole plant which includes the fiber. That’s where the nutrition and antioxidants are, and that’s why DrinkMe includes the whole kale plant.

At DrinkMe, we wanted to pack in as much of the whole-food goodness of kale as possible, combined with delicious whole fruit, maximizing the health benefits, building up your resilience…

…while also tasting GREAT!

It’s also organic, blended (not juiced) whole kale-making each bottle more detoxifying and more in line with how nature intended for us to consume it.

You’ll love the taste of DrinkMe, even if you don’t love the taste of kale. And that my friend, is the magic of DrinkMe. For lunch, a snack-anytime you need a boost of energy.

Our Story

We believe that eating healthy should be easy and delicious.

DrinkMe is great as a chilled beverage, or thaw from frozen, and enjoy it as a smoothie.

When you want healthy whole food to fuel your body-we make it easy. As easy as our name…all you have to do is-DrinkMe!

Know you’re taking care of your body, mind and soul-building up a resilience to help meet life head-on-enjoy the best health possible, leaving you more time for yoga, walks along the beach, or pumping iron at the gym.

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Authentic engagement fuels the DrinkMe philosophy and that’s why we continue to offer DrinkMe at farmers’ markets and fairs. Staying connected to people, face to face, keeps us real. So, if you see at at your local market, make sure to come by and say hello, we’d love to chat with you!


DrinkMe founder, Christina Paganelli, has personally faced-down unbelievable health challenges, one after another, after another-the key to her resilience? While DrinkMe’s health benefits have fed her body, her passion as an entrepreneur, for sharing DrinkMe with the world, has fed her spirit.